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1970s - Paulus went to University of Tiburg
He became an attorney and assisted citizens who had conflicts with gov't in Arnhem.
1973 - 1993 found against construction of a motorway that was to go partly over the van der sloot estate.
1986 - 1989 - 86-89 – Eman, the Prime Minister of Aruba from 1 January 1986 to 9 February 1989
1987 - Prime Minister Eman doesn't like to be reminded of the name Cuntrera – primarily because of his sig nature on the license of Paolo and Giuseppe Cuntrera for their nightclub Visage in 1987. It keeps hurting him, even though he tries to dismiss it as "a very superseded story." According to Eman, at the time these people were honorable citizens in several countries, among others in Venezuela. In Aruba, their criminal activities were not known. Moreover, "when we learned who they really were, we expelled them”."
Berlinski's officials advised him not to issue the permit because it was not in the public interest of Aruba, warning him "don't burn your fingers." Ironically, shortly after the license was denied, Berlinski had to resign because of allegations of corruption. He was arrested but acquitted on appeal. _tblick_aruba

Between 1988 and 1992 they acquired 60 per cent of Aruba through investments in hotels, casino's and the election-campaign of a Prime Minister. Aruba looked set to be the first independent stat e under Mafia control.

1989 - Nelson O. Oduber (9 February 1989 - 29 July 1994 (1st time)
Former minister Elio Nicolaas grins when he is reminded of his speech in 1989 he says. "My own colleague, the Minister of Finance, denied money was laundered on the island." Nicolaas knew better. Prior to his political career he had been a police officer and had actually set up the anti-narcotics squad.

Opposition-leader – and former Prime Minister – Henny Eman demanded his resignation. Nicolaas retorted by suggesting that Eman's election campaign was financed with drug money

1991-- Nelson O. Oduber (9 February 1989 - 29 July 1994 (1st time) 

We know that Paulus van der Sloot was living in Holland where he was an attorney. In fact, he may have either worked for a bank or had a bank as his client. He became an attorney and assisted citizens who had conflicts with government in Arnhem.
Chapter 1 of Joran's book: Island boy

some facts/statements from the first chapter titled "Island boy"

page 1

1. his parents had Joran when she was 30, something they choose to do because they first wanted to see something from the world before having their first child

2. he was conceived in Ecuador and his pregnant mother even traveled to Egypt while carrying him

3. she even went ice skating on a frozen lake while carrying him. She fell on the ice.

4. his dad at the time worked at the social legal aid office in Arnhem

5. his mother studied at the art academy and taught at the local Lorentz College

6. she is a painter and makes art/objects of art

7. they moved to Aruba when Joran was 2 years old

8. in 1990 Paul van der Sloot was offered a job at the "Central Bureau of Legal and General Affairs on Aruba.

Aruba: Competent Authority: Centraal Bureau Juridische Zaken en Algemene
Zaken (Central Bureau Legal and General Affairs), Att. Ms. Cecilia Solagnier,
Vondellaan 19-C, Oranjestad, Aruba; tel: 011-297-835002; fax: 011-297-831772


Q. What is an Apostille?
An Apostille is a form of verification issued by Competent Authority in the country verifying the signature and seal of a notary or other public officer, so that the document  bearing his/her signature and seal can take effect in countries
which have ratified the Hauge Convention for the Abolition of Consular Legtalistation of 1961. It is normally possible to obtain the Apostille on a same day or next day basis.

You open a bank account in Aruba through the mail. You do not have to go there in person.
You get an Apostille to basically notarize your documents for approval.
WHERE PAULUS WORKED in 2004 - 2005 he said in his interview.

9. they married at that time, not having done so because they so no need for a piece of paper stating they were wed. They did it to get easier visas to the island
(ISLAND BOY - Joran's book)

In 1978
4.his dad at the time worked at the social legal aid office in Arnhem

iquitos Posted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:39 pm

resigned wrote:

Was Paulus removed as a "replacement" Judge? or what would be the correct way to state why he isn't currently a Judge (since he was either a judge-in- training or a replacement Judge when the case began)?

he had an appointment as substitute judge (plaatsvervangend lid van het gemeenschappelijk hof van justitie van de nederlandse antillen en Aruba) which was for three years. it was not renewed. i have posted the appointment a thousand times.


Home › Actueel › Persberichten ministerraad

Benoemingen Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van de Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba

Persbericht | 20-12-2002
Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties

Persbericht Rijksministerraad
20 december 2002


De Rijksministerraad heeft op voorstel van minister Remkes van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties ingestemd met een tweetal benoemingen.

De heer mr. G.E.M. Polkamp (52) wordt voorgedragen voor benoeming tot lid van het Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van de Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba. Momenteel is de heer Polkamp plaatsvervangend lid van het Hof. De benoeming gaat in op 1 januari 2003.

De heer mr. P.A.P.J. van der Sloot (50) wordt voorgedragen voor benoeming tot plaatsvervangend lid van het Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van de Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba. De heer van der Sloot is nu werkzaam als kabinetschef bij de procureur-generaal van Aruba. De benoeming gaat in op 1 januari 2003 voor een periode van drie jaar.

RVD, 20.12.2002

Meer informatie
Benoemingen Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van de Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba
Persbericht | 20-12-2002 | PDF document, 5 Kb

i cut the link in half so it would not blow the margins. you wanna see it, put it back together.
The lord Mr. P.A.P.J. of of the ditch (50) is proposed for appointment to deputy member of the common Court of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. The lord of of the ditch is now operative as a principal private secretary at the Procurator-General of Aruba. The appointment discusses 1 January 2003 for a period of three years.

replaces polkamp
Benoemingen Hof van Justitie Antillen en Aruba

Nieuwsbericht | 20-12-2002
Mr. G.E.M. Polkamp (52) wordt lid van het Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van de Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba. Polkamp is nu plaatsvervangend lid.

Mr. P.A.P.J. van der Sloot (50) volgt Polkamp op als plaatsvervangend lid. De benoemingen gaan in per 1 januari 2003.

Paul A.P.J. van der Sloot, born in the Netherlands (1952), graduated from the University of Tilburg, the Netherlands (LL.M., 1979). Before going into private practice Mr. van der Sloot worked ten years in social legal aid in the Netherlands, four years in the Aruban Government, eight years in the public prosecution and three years as a judge. He was admitted to the bar in 2006. His practice focuses mainly on administrative law and mediation.

Joran bijna een jaar oud - samen met rijn ouders op de bank in Arnhem
Joran almost a year old - with rijn parents on the bank in Arnhem

Paulus van der Sloot and Oduber both got their education at Tilburg University.

Say goodbye to a good friend ARUBA – After he learned of the passing of Jos van der Schoot, Prime Minister Nelson Oduber said that he has always had a special relationship with the deceased. “This is also because I have followed my education in Tilburg, Jos’ hometown”, said Oduber. He has a lot of appreciation for the way Jos sometimes acted as peacemaker. “Jos gave the news such a dimension that the readers of Amigoe and the audience of his radio program could draw their conclusions. Even though he had an opinion of his own, he always tried to come across as impartial and objective as possible. He had an exemplary professional ethic and could therefore reach everybody.” Oduber is of the pinion that many politicians considered Van der Schoot as a father figure. He ne ver avoided problems and dared to call everybody. He had a

“ in 1990 Paul van der Sloot was offered a job at the "Central Bureau of Legal and General Affairs on Aruba.” (Chapter 1 of Joran's book: Island boy)

In Aruba Paulus goes to work as an attorney for the Government for 5 yrs for Aruba gov't as an attorney
PvdS when he worked at the GEA, reported to Director Hubert Maduro.
Painting of Aruba First Instance Court building in downtown Oranjestad by Kees Verkaik. Hubert C. Maduro
Copyright 2007, Carlo & van der Sloot

member of Aruba's Council of State Hubert Maduro
-The constitutional change process of the Netherlands Antilles is a mess, member of Aruba’s Council of State Hubert Maduro said in an interview with Dutch World Radio

Mr. Hubert Maduro, President, Electoral Council of Aruba

Name and Title of Chairperson/President

Amigoe, October 18, 2006: Government position still not univocal

    The speakers at the symposium on the future of the Joint Court of Justice: (from left to right) Luciano Milliard, municipal law professor at the University of Aruba; Luis de Lannoy, Presiding judge of the Joint Court; Millie Schwengle, President of the Bar Association; Jan Fokkens, district attorney of the High Court; Hubert Maduro, member of the Round Table Conference Committee.

According to the lawyer Hubert Maduro

Paulus buddy from the old Tilburg days is the Prime Minister - Oduber 1991
and ZWINKELS WAS ATTORNEY GENERAL IN 1991 (we also know that this zwinkels guy was involved in mafia money too and that is why he was forced to resign for a period of time - double dipping perhaps). “ Zaandam keeps on saying in his book, two days after 5/29, the body of Natalee H. may have already been found and Cvp [police commissioner] looked the ot her way to do a favour for Paul Van der Sloot (ex chief of staff of Cabinet PG [Prosecutor General] J.Zwinkels ). To exculpate the son of Paul, the CvP and fiscal chief prosecutor Karen Jansen made the false arrest of two ex-security guards, Jones and John , called this a ‘tactical maneuver’ , and denied them their freedom for another 10 days.
[translated by Getagrip]

All the main players knew each other during PAULUS time in office
Governmental authorities
Mr. J.H.M. Zwinkels - Attorney General
Mr. B. Vocking - Deputy Director, Aruba Correctional Institute
Ms. C. van den Berg - Head of the Rehabilitation and Child Welfare Council
Ms. Y. Spellen - Director, Guardianship Board
Mr. J. van de Straten - Head of the National Bureau of Investigations
Mr. L. Rasmijn - Police Commissioner
Mr. E. Bennet - Head of the Airport Immig ration Authorities
Mr. R. Martus - Inspector of Police
Ms. A. Peterson - Department of Foreign Affairs Liaison officer to the CPT


The occasion for this was the arrest of three Cuntrera brothers (Pasquale, Paolo and Gaspare Cuntrera) at Rome's international airport in September 1992

The arrest of the Cuntrera-brother s reverberated through Aruban politics. Parliament carried a motion concludeding that there existed secret ties between the Aruban Peoples Party and the Cuntrera-family. The former Premier, Henny Eman and his Minister of Justice Edgar Vos (both in the opposition at that time) were alleged to have given the clan "preferential treatment" and were asked "to leave the political arena."

Eman became Prime Minister once more and 'Watty' Vos the Mi nister of Justice (just recently their cabinet fe ll). The Minister of Health in Eman's new cabinet is Mrs. Lilly Beke,

family doctor of Paolo Cuntrera when he stayed at the island. Although Mrs. Beke claims to "treat people, not names", but many wonder why she consulted Paolo Cuntrera in Caracas in a restaurant


Aruba's reputation as a 'Mafia island' became public in March 1993 when i t was described by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera as 'the first state to be bought by the bosses Cosa Nostra'

The US Attorneys Office in Miami gathered an insight in this pattern when, in December 1993, it indicted – among others – Aruban business-men Randy Habibe and Jossy Arends in its case against the La Costa Cartel

1994 - Henny Eman (29 July 1994 - 30 October 2001 (2nd time)

Eman was very sympathetic towards the Contreras

Eman's claim that the Cuntrera's were honourable citizens in several countries is not convincing

(90) In contrast, the Italians say that when they arrested the Cuntreras in 1992 they had enough evidence to convict them. "We had indications that they were i nterested in investments on Aruba. Other countries should take over here, we have informed them,"says Italian police-investigator Pansa. That did not happen.

sometime during 1994 Paulus switches jobs

"Van der Sloot got a different assignment: the government wanted him to only set up contracts.... He became cabinets leader for the public ministry and gave classes of Administrative Law at the local university. "

Zwinkels is back in power as attorney general in 1994

Report to the authorities of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on the visit to Aruba
from 30 June to 2 July, 1994
Talks held by the delegation with governmental authorities, both at the beginning and the end of the visit took place in a spirit of close operation.Fruitful discussions were held with the Aruban Attorney General, Mr J.M.H. Zwinkels, and several senior staff members.

Habibe is not the only one. The 1994 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report stated that "other Aruban families with connections to banks in Venezuela and to **** ca rtels in Colombia are strongly suspected of involvement in drug trafficking and money laundering."

The reasons for Docters' pessimism were revealed when a confidential report on the Aruban Security Service – the Veiligheidsdienst Aruba (VD A) – leaked in the Dutch press. In October 1994 its director Martien Ras had sounded the alarm-bell. He had written to Docters, then chief of the Dutch security service, that democratically elected officials promoted the interests of private business-men to such an extent that Aruba's demo c ratic institutions were in danger tml?page=archives_tblick_aruba

Eman – freshly re-elected as Prime Minister – demanded to see the VDA-files about Aruban entrepreneurs who Ras suspected of money laundering and linked to drug traffickers. The Dutch rapidly removed the files, but Ras had to quit his job. Since then he Ras has lived in hiding somewhere in Holland.

Lastly, it is believed that Paulus Van der Sloot participated on a panel which agreed to extradite two relatives of the Mansurs to the US under serious charges some years back rous_conservative/2005/06/joran_van_der_s.html

More and more the name Mansur turns up in money laundering cases. Alex and Eric Mansur were indicted in Puerto Rico in August 1994

In 1995 Zwinkels is the Prosecutor in Aruba.
(90) I interviewed Attorney General Jan Zwinkels in June 1995. Although Zwinkels himself is Dutch, he was appointed by the Aruban government. Aruba has its own independent juridical system and apparatus, but often Dutch trained juridical personal head the office of the Public Prosecutor. Zwinkels had to leave office in January 1997 after a two year long battle with the Aruban government about law enforcement on the island. Mr Zwinkels prosecuted a little too diligent some business-men affiliated with Premier Eman’s party, among others the Mansur Family.

1995 - Paulus became cabinets leader for the public ministry and gave classes of Administrative Law at the local university.

1996 Zwinkels is fired from the Attorney General job

Fruitful discussions we re held with the Aruban Attorney General, Mr J. H. M. Zwinkels, and several senior officials

van Daalen became procureur general of Aruba in 1997 after procureur general Jan van Zwinkels was fired in 1996 by Aruba. because a dutch commission De Ruiter enquired the Cargo-scandal, which is a scandal simular to IRT-scandal but then for Aruba.
De Ruiter-commission advised to fire van Zwinkels and everybody in high positions of the Aruban police force.
van Zwinkels accused the Aruban government of contacts with Colombian drugs cartels. the Aruban government meanwhile accused van Zwinkels of simular things.

In January 1996 Pasqua le Cuntrera wa s sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment for associazione mafioso (mafia conspiracy) and drug trafficking. (19) Gaspare and Paolo Cuntrera both received 13 years

December 1996 President Clinton put Aruba on the list of Major Illicit Drug-transit Countries

By 1996 - 97 Paulus is on the judges panel in Aruba. (Beth Holloway Loving Natalee page 129)

Now in order to become a judge you have to either go to school for it or you have to have been an attorney, Paulus met that requirement. Now he's got his in - he worked for the government and he is now on the judges panel.  He is set up as an elitist in the small community. AND the head cop, STRAATEN WORKS FOR WHO? PAULUS!

1997-1997 - Zwinkels left after a 2 yr battle with the Aruban gov't (they accused him of stealing drug money)
van Daalen became procureur general of Aruba in 1997 after procureur general Jan van Zwinkels was fired in 1996 by Aruba

Michael Posner bought Grand Holiday Casnio September 1 and named it Excelsior.
He is a member of the GAMBINO MAFIA.

Hirsch Ballin (the dutch justice minister) and Rudy Croes are thankful towards Dato Steenhuis i presume for causing Docters van Leeuwen, the head of the board of procureur generals, to be fired in 1998. Steenhuis at that time was procureur general of Leeuwarden and was transferred toArnhem - but not fired

a year later, in 1998, van Daalen got Steenhuis old job as procureur generaal of Leeuwarden

in July of 1998 he has his Attorney General job back 07-07-98 Attorney General (Acting) Zwinkels, Jan H.

this happened after Prime Minister Eman of Aruba and its Minister of Justice Vos end of February at Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Voorhoeve Dijkstal (Antilles and Aruba) are complaining about 930,000 guilders did that seized drug search was hit. They suggested that the Aruban Attorney General J. Zwinkels, with whom the two Aruban politicians on a footing of war life, the amount had put in his own pocket.

Sources in Amsterdam for the Aruban and confirm that the amount was in cash was delivered to the CRI, because Attorney General Zwinkels feared for leaks to the Aruban banks.
Also Zwinkels would have expressed that he does not have the money because it wanted to dispose of it owned by the Dutch Minsitry of Justice.

Aruba is already infested with mafia
Cuntera mafia and banks  were set up to launder money out of Aruba through Canada

2000-Last Updated: 7/6/2000 Attorney General (Acting) Zwinkels, Jan H.

2001- Nelson O. Oduber (30 October 2001 - Present) (2nd time)

2001 Posner purchases the Brickell Bay Casino

2002 -Zwinkels would have left office somewhere between March and May of 2002

2003 – January 2 – Paulus starts his judge-in-training and was said to of heard some cases.
Paulus: I am replacing member of the joint court of justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba[1] and I am appointed for a period of three years, from 1/1/2003 till 1/12006.
(Twan Huys interview with Paulus)

2002- assuming a three-year term Rudd Rosingh would have taken office somewhere
between March and May 2002

2003 Attorney General Rosingh, Ruud

Interview of Paulus:

"Before this happened I was in the middle of a change. In 2004-2005 I worked I Den Bosch as a judge in training concerning civil cases. I've worked very hard & learned a lot there, but in the end I didn't feel ready for that function. I've been with a small lawyer's office for a year now. I feel at home there. As a lawyer you're often the lifeline for people and that's something that appeals to me, I know something about that now. I mainly do management cases & intermediate, but also criminal & civil cases. In the meantime I've seen every aspect in the judicial world. Government, LE, judge and also suspect. Because of that completely ridiculous behaviour of the LE I've had some anxiety problems. Like: what if those idiots will arrest me, Anita or one of the kids again?"

3-02-2005 Attorney General Rosingh, Ruud
June 17, 2005
Paul van der Sloot is a judge-in-training, serving a three-year term on the bench that allows him to hear a limited number of cases.,2933,159862,00.html

P: Yes for sure, because before that I have worked for eight years as chief of the cabinet of the prosecutor general[2]

T: So you also know the current prosecutor general?

P: Yes,

T: Mrs Croes

P: Yes,

T: Yes, and what does that mean when your colleages stop by to arrest you?

P: That gives a feeling of absurdity, it is indeed almost unimaginable that by someone you actually know very well, where you worked together with for a long time, that that one comes to tell you that you are suspected of complicity to murder.

T: Who was that in your case?

P: That were, in this case, that was the leader of the team of police commisionars.

T: Jan van der Straaten

P: That was Jan van der Straaten, yes.

T: And you know each other very well..

P: Yes.
Translation of"%20rel="nofollow

Between 3-02-05 and 5-29-05 --Teresa Croes Fernandez-Pedra is District Attorney

A- I read again on your website that among many I as Arubaanse PEN-G in the crucial fi rst ten days after the disappearance of Natalee Holloway the affair contaminated have
says Janseen replaced her while she was in the Netherlands for the first 10 days ??
The hovj Janssen replaced PEN me as a wnd-G and they took the decisions. I had never during the entire investigation contact with commissioner van of the Streets, neither personal, neither by phone..


The DA, Theresa Croes-Fernandes Pedra, will retire on January 1st, 2008

Attorney General Theresa Croes Fernandez-Pedra Havenstrat 2 Oranjestad, Aruba

Paul van der Sloot is a high ranking official in the judicial system and is close friends with Ben King, whom now works at the prosecution office. King was reportedly seen visiting Paul van der Sloot at his home when the Arubian police were performing a search of the van der Sloot residence. Mathew's entire case was tampered with. King said that his friend Paul van der Sloot helped him in the Mathew case. How many cases has and will Paul van der Sloot help cover up?

Johan Paul Sjiem Fat is on the Board of Dreictors for Aruba Financial Center Association:
(offshore corps. etc. He is an Officer along with Lincoln D. Gomez who is the President)

( Minister if Finance and PVDS atty, Swaen & Swaen, Adries Swaen)
Posted by: Selena | Aug 28, 2005 1:15:57 PM

Contact Name: Johan Sjiem Fat/Antonio Carlo Email: Organization

Johan Sjiem Fat and Lincoln Gomez are on the board of directors of
Aruba Financial Center Association.
Also Gomez is in charge of litigation, corporate Finane and Telcom for AFCA

Rick Zeolla the General Manager at the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris

“then went on to pick up Sebastian at the ZEOLA family (Paulus VDS Witness Statement 06/24/05)
* Zeolla's wife is a member of IFA
* Mark Purcell (MIP6 worked at Marriott hotel)
* Joran and his friends stayed at Marriott hotel (picture with belt around boys neck
* Valenjtin also partyed at Marriott hotel with his friend Jimmy Rock (his father was the manager who left shortly after Natalee disappeared and he went to Mexico)
* Jillian JOHNSON" and she now lives in the States. Her father had built the "Marriot Hotel
* Some of our friends are members of “Friends of Aruba” and were closely involved with the search of the girl. Paulus VDS Witness Statement 06/18/05
* Karin Janssen, Rudy Croes, Judge Kuerdil, Judge Smid are all friends of Paulus van der Sloot

“We have to take into account that, according to Prime Minister Oduber, a Ritz Carlton hotel will yield 20 million dollars annually, including indirect revenue from taxis and restaurants.

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I am not certain how relevant it may be ... surely not to Natalee's case, but possibly with regard to other 'connections' ... do we know who was/were the main actor/actors in arranging for Paulus getting the job offer on Aruba?  What were the established procedures for vetting applicants, etc?  Was he picked in preference to somebody already there ... and if so, why?